Tips from the BB Bar at Salon Lux – The Perfect Blowout

A professional blowout is a wonderful thing – soft and silky with insane volume that lasts for days. Trying to get the same results at home can be maddening and darn near impossible. You know we’re always ready at the BB Bar to help you out, so here are our tips for the perfect blowout.

1. Assemble the Cast.

salon-lux-bb-bar-blowoutGather your tools, ladies. You need the right product and the right tools to get that salon-perfect blowout. The most important tool in your arsenal is a high-quality blow-dryer. Low-end dryers use extremely high heat at a lower pressure, which can lead to serious damage. A salon-grade dryer will have medium to high heat at varying pressures, a cool-shot button to set the style and tourmaline and ionic technology for preventing static, frizz and dryness, all wrapped up in a nice, light package. Trust us, your arms will thank you.

Just as crucial for the perfect blowout is the brush you use to keep tension on your hair as you dry. At the BB Bar, we use five UNITE round brushes of varying sizes depending on hair length.

When it comes to product, remember that less is more. Too much product will just weigh down your hair, so apply sparingly. Depending on what you’re using, you’ll work it into either the roots or from mid-strand down.

2. Master the Technique

You can’t blow-dry sopping wet hair, so start by rough drying with your fingers until it’s about 75% dry. Focus on the roots and pull strands upward to create volume. When you’re ready to start blow-drying with your brush, begin with small sections no wider than your brush. Put the rest of your hair into a high bun. Remember, tension is absolutely key to getting a smooth style. As you pull the brush through your hair, make sure you’re using an upwards motion for volume with the nozzle of your dryer angled down the hair shaft.

salon-lux-the-bb-bar3. Don’t Forget to Set

When everything is dry, roll sections at the top back up in your brush and blast them with cool hair for a minute to set your style. Very gently, unwind the brush from your hair without pulling too much. Ta-dah!

If the perfect blowout still eludes you, remember that practice makes perfect. And you can always leave it to the experts. Come to the BB Bar Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Until then, happy blow-drying!


Carissa & Lindsay

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