Three Secrets to Great Hair

Have you ever wondered how your stylist makes your hair look so good? Well listen up, because today we’re sharing three secrets to really great hair. And don’t worry – you don’t need years of experience or a cosmetology license either.

It goes without saying that great hair starts with the right foundation. No matter how careful you are with what you use, you won’t have great hair if you have a bad cut. So start as you mean to go on – get a fabulous cut at Salon Lux, listen to our secrets, and boom. Great hair!

  • The Right Tools

Two expressions really apply here – you get what you pay for, and quality counts. Hot tools do enough damage on their own, so splurge on the good stuff to protect your hair as much as possible. There’s a huge difference between a $19.99 flat iron and a $149.99 flat iron – and it’s more than just the price tag.

At Salon Lux, we only use high-quality blowdryers and flat irons and professional combs and brushes. When you’re replicating the look at home, invest in salon-grade tools to nail that salon look. You can get UNITE flat irons at Salon Lux right now – call for pricing or ask your stylist next time you stop by – and we’ll be stocking their blowdryer soon. Ulta is also a great spot for other high-end tools, like the Hot Tools irons or the Bed Head wand.

  • The Right Products

Stylists tame tresses with all kinds of textures, curl patterns and densities. It’s not magic – it’s product. Salon-grade products cost more than those you’ll find at the drugstore, but if you love the way your hair looks and feels after a trip to the salon, well, you’re loving those pricey products.

Here’s the thing. The most qualified and highest paid chemists work in the labs of high-end salon brands. And in order for those brands to recoup those costs, they price their products higher than the bargain options at the drugstore. Those are cheaper because they’re knocking off the salon-grade products with lower-quality ingredients. Don’t expect the same great results when you aren’t using the same great products.

Wondering how many products do the Salon Lux stylists use for the average client? We start all clients’ appointment with UNITE’s 7 Seconds, a leave-in product for protection. In most instances, we’ll use a root lifter for amazing volume – we love Expanda Volume – as well as a finishing paste to seal the ends. Our recommendation? UNITE Second Day is awesome! If we use hairspray, it’s UNITE’s Max Control. Add it all up, and we’re averaging four to five separate products to make that hair look great – and that’s not including the shampoo and conditioner!

  • The Right Touch

So we’ve established that you need the right tools and you need the right product. Secret number three comes down to how and how much of that product you’re applying. A little goes a LONG way. Too much product can have a reverse affect on your hair – simultaneously dry and greasy, leaving you with no option but to start all over. Just remember that you can always add more, but you can’t take it out without starting fresh and clean.

Combine these three secrets with a bit of trial and error, and you’ll be well on your way to great hair. And remember that split ends spoil any look, so schedule those regular appointments to keep your hair looking fab.


Carissa & Linsday

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