The Right Way to Use Bobby Pins – A Lesson from Salon Lux

Bobby pins can be your best friend when you’re looking for all-day hold. Points for honesty, ladies – have you ever used a bazillion bobby pins to keep your hair in place? Overusing bobby pins is pretty common, but it should take just one or two to hold everything where you want it. Here are a few tips from the ladies at Salon Lux for mastering the bobby pin.

• Don’t buy just any old bobby pins
Professional pins – you can pick them up at Sally Beauty Supply or similar beauty supply stores and even online – have a better design and more tension. They really make a world of difference, so start there. You can choose from a selection of colors, with the most common ranging from dark to light brown and a light tan for blondes. The brown ones seem to hold a bit tighter – bizarre, right?!

• Figure out which way is upbobby-pin-right-side-up
The top of the bobby pin is actually the flat side, which is confusing at first but actually makes sense if you stop to think about it. The bumpy side is designed to grab hold of the hair, and the flat side has a better chance of blending for a more polished look.

• Nail the technique
First, don’t ever pry a bobby pin apart – that destroys its integrity by removing the tension. If your bobby pin isn’t tight, you’ve lost before you begin. Bobby pins are designed to catch a small strand that is twisted around a larger piece to hold everything in place, and that principle applies whether you’re going for an elaborate updo or just pinning back your bangs.

Here’s the trick to a really tight pin: with the bumpy side up, grab a small section of hair and give it a twist as you slide it in to “lock” things in place, which means you’ll finish with the flat side on top. It takes a bit of practice, but once you try it, you’ll see!

bobby-pin-arrowsWhile we usually try to hide bobby pins, a fun new trend is to make them stand out! The visible bobby pin trend is everywhere these days – folks are creating cute shapes like a series of arrows or a triangles in your hair with a contrasting bobby pin color (something bright like white or blue or gold) for a little extra interest when you’re rocking a top knot or low twist.

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