The Lob is Your Fresh New Look for Spring


Lauren Conrad rocking the lob, courtesy of celebrity stylist Kristin Ess.

Long hair is on its way out, and short hair is making a serious comeback. It’s all over Pinterest and Instagram – the lob is HOT. It’s not quite a bob – a smidge shorter in back, shattered, textured and piecey around the face with minimal layering. Think you can pull it off? Here’s how you know if the lob will work for you.Unless you have super crazy thick hair or ultra baby fine hair, you’ll be good! For the thick-maned gals, a bit of extra length will work best but you can still get the same texture. And for our baby fine friends, stick with a bob to keep your hair from looking stringy. Other than those two exceptions, though, the lob works on almost anyone and is flattering on every face shape. You can rock it with bangs or without, but if you go for the fringe, keep them light and swept to the side if you can. And don’t worry about texture, either. Your stylist will be able to work with your hair for this cut, whether it’s curly, wavy or straight. Yes!

The lob looks best with a little curl, so once you take the plunge on the cut, you’ll need a good flat iron or a wave wand to nail the style. Go with a 1 to 1 ½ inch barrel iron or the Bed Heads 1” wand. As for product, we love UNITE Texturiza for the perfect piecey look. Finish with a spritz of UNITE’S Max Control hairspray and you’re good to go! Oh, and keep your lob rockin’ with a trim every six weeks or so to maintain the length right at your collarbone. If you go longer than that, the ends can start flipping a bit.

For a real change up to match the upcoming spring season, pair your hot new lob with fab new color. An all-over platinum blonde, chocolate brown or a soft, melted balayage are all great options. Anyone can pull off this spring look! If it’s calling your name, our stylists are ready to hook you up so schedule your appointment today.


Carissa & Lindsay

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