A little over a week ago we had the honor of having the amazing Gary Baker of San Diego back in our salon teaching a cutting class. We have loved having him in the past come & share his knowledge of UNITE products all while teaching us cutting & styling techniques. He is an expert in his field, full of tips & wisdom, & we were thrilled to be learning from him yet again! On this day, he was demonstrating how to create a trendy textured bob from beginning to end & we were on the edge of our seats the entire time as we watched him transform our model from a beautiful medium length haired momma, to a fun & flirty styled bombshell of a babe.

What’s a trendy textured bob? It’s a hairstyle with lots of layering & face framing, with versions of unique shag, also known as bangs. This style isn’t completely effortless, though Gary made it seem that way, but it can be done in half the time. The lob is making its way out, as this new style is here to stay. Now who’s ready to make the leap to a shorter look?


Gary started out by washing our model’s hair using UNITE products. He then walked us through the steps to achieve this newest trendy hairstyle. He divided her hair horizontally, & vertically sectioned it off to make sure that every inch of hair was going to be taken care of & textured properly. Starting at the base of the neck & working his way up to the crown of the head, Gary used a razor to cut the model’s hair while at the same time adding texture to every layer. Along the way he explained what he was doing, allowed us to ask any questions we had, & also offered us advice on how to care for our clients even more so during the times that they sit in our chairs.

Once every section & layer of hair was cut & texturized, Gary started to style it with UNITE products. Using only his fingers he worked in the UNITE 7 Seconds leave in, UNITE Boosta Blow Out Crème, & UNITE Liquid Volume to make all of the model’s new layers work toward her advantage. You can pick up all of these products in our salon to help achieve this look at home!




When he finally turned the chair around for the model to see her new locks, she was in complete disbelief that her hair could look so good, healthy, cool, & trendy. If you’re wanting a cut & style like this one, be sure to make it back into the chair about every 5-7 weeks depending on how fast your hairs grows to keep it looking fresh!


After our model was all done getting glammed up, a few of our own gals wanted Gary to take a stab (or cut!) at their own heads of hair. Our Co-Owner, Carissa, had Gary give her some lengthy shag that framed her face perfectly. And Kendra, one of our hairstylists, allowed Gary to chop it all off giving her an edgy look for Spring/Summer. We’re completely in love with the transformations on them, & on our model too!

We really loved & enjoyed our day with Gary Baker & walked away with so much understanding on how to create a trendy textured bob ourselves, & also tons of inspiration! Thank you so much to our model for trusting us to give you a new look, you look even more gorgeous which we didn’t think was possible. And thank you Gary for letting us host you again! We had a fantastic time & can’t wait to have you back in Reno at our salon teaching us even more, hopefully sooner rather than later!

We hope you have a great day! Be sure to contact us if you’re wanting to book an appointment to get the looks featured above, or if you have something else in mind!

– Salon Lux Babes

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